Dig in and muck out at Sacrewell as part of our team of volunteers. As a charitable trust we rely on volunteers to keep the site and the animals looking their best all year round and provide our visitors with a memorable experience.

Whether you are a gardener looking for a new project, a handyman with some spare time or a budding historian with a thirst for living history, we have the perfect voluntary role to suit you.

We accept volunteers aged 18 and above. So if you have a skill or some spare time you would like to contribute, please contact us with ‘Volunteering’ in the subject line to office@sacrewell.org.uk.

Group Volunteering

Sacrewell is proud to work with a number of special education programmes and organisations as a community outreach centre.

We also welcome corporate volunteer groups and youth groups, who have assisted in conservation tasks such a planting trees, building fences and creating a new hazel coppice. If you lead a group, who would like to donate their time, please get in touch with ‘Group Volunteering’ in the subject line office@sacrewell.org.uk.

Corporate Volunteering and Team Building

Would you like to spend the day with your colleagues out of the office getting your hands dirty and giving back to the environment? Corporate team building days at Sacrewell are a hands on and active experience.

Projects can vary from clearing woodlands, improving wildlife areas, preparing a nature space for schools or digging out a mill stream!

These tasks provide a great opportunity for work colleagues to come together as a team. Creating a practical project in beautiful surroundings while making a positive impact on a charity and community hub.